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Opulent Women’s Network (OWN), encourages, enlightens and equips members who are at the MidLife phase of their life with the tools necessary to be successful in creating a Life they truly Love.  We can show you how to go from MidLife to the High Life!  We know what it’s like to start a dream, that business or idea and not have a support system, and we’ve come together to be that for you!

Testimonials of Coached Clients

C. Pittman

“I was working for Walmart for 6 years before I began my life coaching  sessions (via telephone) with Angela Hicks.  One-on-One coaching played a HUGE part for me to move forward in the field that I love so dearly; which is cosmetology.  Life coaching helped me realize how to reach my goals, to create a vision board toward my short/long-term goals, and how to effectively achieve each goal that I set.

Now I am a licensed cosmetologist, and recently enrolled in college to pursue my Bachelor’s in Business Administration!  The one-on-one phone coaching  with Angela will also give you the power tools to be all that you can be.  I am still using all that I’ve learned with Angela Hicks’ coaching to be successful in my everyday life.”

M. Nauha

“I’d like to thank you, Angela, by saying that it takes a very special person to be able to coach someone like me! At age 53, I’m in a place of real transition in my life in need of clarity and am losing my drive and fulfillment because of it. I’ve been stuck for a few years, unable to see a clear path.

Beginning our strategy session with prayer, I knew that I’d chosen well. The questions regarding my personal and professional identity challenged me and at the end of our session, you were able to tell me more about myself than I could have told you myself! I was intrigued.

In our strategy session, Angela challenged me to imagine things that living that future might bring to my life that would be fulfilling to my family and I. In doing so throughout the day, I’ve felt increasingly more committed, and major shifts are already happening. Let’s just say I’d been playing too small! I’ve gained valuable new perceptive around my professional goals and their importance in achieving my personal goals.

Thank you, Angela, for challenging me to see my own worth and to use my current resources and abilities to forge my way forward. I look forward to working with you and to all that my future will hold!”

About Us

Determined to create something better, our network was formed to women who own their own businesses and women who just want to live their best life starting right where they are.  We are very passionate about you reaching your full potential and have brought quality self-mastery tools right at your fingertips!  

Most of us are trying to go at success alone, but together we are a more powerful force.  Join us by subscribing for FREE, take advantage of the tools and for those who want to go higher we have a Life Coaching; that partners with you, upholding your Dream until it is a reality.  OWN focuses solely on meeting you where you are and guiding your steps toward your ultimate goals with one-on-one coaching, business planning, financial expertise, powerful webinars, tools for the trade, private Facebook page and more!  Contact us for more details.