Angela Hicks

The Lifestyle Guru”

Founder of OWNetwork 

I am an unapologetic, extravagant, lifestyle loving Queen who loves everything life has to offer. Who I am now, was definitely a paradigm shift from allowing race, sex, age, social expectations and past failures to speak on my behalf, in order to found and manage a six figure concrete finishing company, writer and radio host. I had to learn the art of moving away from history and rewrite my own story. I am no different from you, we all have greatness just waiting to have its turn!

Through global coaching, I teach women to clearly define their seemingly impossible goals and create a plan of action to live a life they love.

Forget feeling dread over an uninspiring job, feeling drained, feeling alone or wanting more out of Life. Together, as a strong network of like-minded women, we answer the call to be Queens of our Life, confident in our unique abilities, intentional in focus, fulfilled, and no longer shrinking from the spotlight. In short, soul-sourced powerhouses.

Being over a certain age and creating a brand new Life can feel impossible, but with my help, you can feel more alive (with more purpose and achievement) than in your youth!

Click the Bee below and I’ll show you how to live your very best life right NOW.

OWNetwork adopted the bumble bee as our mascot due to her miraculous ability to fly despite scientifically determined she is not built for such a task. She accomplishes the impossible, and in doing so takes inedible pollen (potential), converts it to its destiny (honey), which the world gets to enjoy. The bumble bee is for the woman who deep down believes the impossible Dream can be achieved, dismisses what others present supporting the opposite, doesn’t allow these facts to become her Truth, and dares to rise in success!