Want to revamp your style?  Take courage and challenge yourself to implement bold pieces, colors. and by using both high to low end designers.  OWN read the below example of an Opulent Woman, who has had recent major challenges in her Life (death of a husband and brother within the same month), yet is now focusing her energy on being strength for herself and her children; taking it all and making… well, lemonaide!

Celine Dion had a secret weapon with her when she spent a month in Paris this summer — celebrity stylist Law Roach. Roach joined the singer in the French city for several weeks, styling her in fashion-forward looks day in and day out (i.e. the look above features a Lanvin coat, Saint Laurent bag and Balenciaga booties). By the time her stint in Paris was over, Roach did more than dress her in elegant outfits — he turned her into a bonafide street style star.

This fashion transformation couldn’t have come at a better time for the 48-year-old singer. After losing husband René Angélil to throat cancer in January and her older brother, Daniel, to cancer just two days after, Dion has had a painful year. “It’s not easy,” she told PEOPLE in May, but “I really, really want to prove to my kids their mother is strong.”  And one way she’s doing that is by letting herself have some fun.

Read more at this month’s People Magazine written by Sharon Clott Kanter.

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