Have an Epic Summer

Ahoy fabulous Queens!  As I sail the waters on the yacht of my dearest friends, I’m thinking of you.  My trip signals summer’s fun in the sun for me, and I hope all of you are planning, at minimum, a weekend excursion with people you Love and who most importantly Love you too. This is your time to practice a Queen’s pillar principle…”La Dolce Far Niente“; which is Italian meaning “the sweetness of doing nothing’.

Italians have perfected this daily practice of ‘doing nothing’ and noted great increases of creative abilities.  I personally am a firm believer and practice this art various times throughout the day. To feel the salty sea splash against my skin, to smell and taste the delicious seafood paella, to hear the sea birds call, be filled with unconditional love from friends, feel the warmth of the sun unhindered to touch my skin with open sky is truly well…Epic!

Sailing the seas is not feasible for everyone so begin your ‘sweet nothing’ right where you are – no excuses (Queen pillar principle no. 1, No Excuses).  If you are at work go to a window, if you are at home stand on lanai and allow your senses to briefly take you away.  This takes practice, so do not get discouraged if the mind wants to tap you on the shoulder and say, “We don’t have time for this.”  Just politely refocus yourself by using the easy steps below, because this little investment will handsomely pay off and more time in the end.

Sabbaticals are mentioned in the Bible as well; so they must be extremely important for the mind, body and soul.  As Americans, we measure our days on what we achieved on that day – Productivity.  The measure of our days should never rest solely on shoulders of accomplishments, but on connections we’ve made with others, our learnings about who we are and the Love freely given.  Other nations have discovered the sweetness of Life, a place that silently awaits all of us to arrive at to just enjoy the beauty around us.  If you are like I was, I went through my day unaware of what really was going on and focused on just making it through the day instead of making the day envelope you with all its beauty.

Implement La Dolce Far Niente  into your day into your Life, and I guarantee greater levels of peace, strength, metal sharpness, less fatigue and greater strides to success.  Read the delightful and inspiring book “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert.  You’ll learn how the author let go, and in doing so, ultimately found the greatest parts of herself.

Cultivating La Dolce Far Niente

  • Turn off all electronic devices, televisions, radios etc.  We mindlessly pour our valuable time, time I may add without any return, into things producing minute reward.
  • Select a place that resonates with you.  No one will know but you so any place you choose can become your personal ‘sweet nothing’.  Examples are a window, lanai, café, park, museum, your car anywhere you choose!
  • Take 10 deep breaths and focus on the sound of your breathing.  This helps to slow the mental traffic.  When you mind wants to take over, use the breathing to bring you back. Be patient with yourself as the mind is the stronger muscle that we rely on most, so it may fight to keep its dominate position (smile).
  • Be still and concentrate all your energy on being still while you just gaze.
  • Take an electronic sabbatical by signing off all forms of social media.
  • No guilt zone.  No American mindset allowed to tell you that being unproductive is wasted days.
  • What did you do today?  Remove this question from your repertoire.  Focus on discovering what the person experienced in the day.  Ask them what made them laugh, smelled good, or tasted good.

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