Six Sure Ways to Start and Stay Motivated  

Can I be honest?  It’s hard even getting the strength up to be motivated in accomplishing a goal.  What is my motivation?  Why do I even want to achieve this?  It’s so much easier to be there for others, but what about being the very best for myself?  Ladies, if we give ourselves away to everyone else, who’s there for us while we’re pouring our souls out?

As little girls, we are taught, “Don’t be selfish…give.”  And we still hold to this model of behavior (to prove we’re not self-centered humans) to an exhausting demise.  I’ve learned to point the gun of this loaded charge back to my own life, by serving ME first.  No one can give their best to others while empty within.  Believe me, at the bottom of an empty cup of me, was liquid bitterness, resentment and just plain ole exhaustion.

When we pour into the lives of others from a fullness, the world is so much sweeter.  We truly reap what we sow, not only to others, but within ourselves too.  I had to shift the paradigm of how I valued myself, and prioritize daily commitments to my own care.  For example, I’m up at 3:30AM every morning for prayer, meditation and journaling.  I light my favorite white sage incense and use this time to tap into the power within.  My personal value increased and this became a wealth in not only flowing in self honor, but in honoring others as well.  Things I wanted to do before, yet struggled in, became easier; from losing weight, not being afraid in asking for more (more can be more money, time off, to asking a sales clerk for greater discounts), trying new adventurous things, and flourishing relationships.  I vibrated at a higher tone and attracted the very same into my life.  To help our Opulent Women, I’ve created my very personal tips on how to kindle and keep that fire of motivation gassed up and glowing!  

1.     Take complete ownership of where you want to go.  This is the very first step that’s not only critical for success, but powerful! Everything is energy, and movement is proof of life.  Moving into ownership has no room for excuses of any kind (this includes reasoning against your goals or even blaming your partner), because the results belong solely to you.  As soon as you find yourself blaming, complaining or making a statement trying to provide a reason for the lack…STOP.  Know results are the total sum of your efforts to achieving.

2.     Create a new ‘selfie’.  As you believe so you are.  No one can be what they cannot see themselves becoming or achieving. Tune into your self-talk.  Are you verbally abusive, conditional, or are you loving , appreciative and positive?  Imagine your self-talk was another form of you standing right before your eyes, would you even want to be around you based on what’s heard?  After dropping a glass to the floor one day, I heard myself say within…”You are so stupid.”  Wow!  I didn’t even like me, so how could I expect others to treat me with dignity?  Encourage yourself with new truth, and be your own best friend! Create affirmations:  “I love me”, “I can do this, just watch me”, “There’s nothing I cannot do once my mind is made up”, “I am strong, capable and resilient”.  Transform your self-portrait into one you want to be around.  

3.     Nurture your motivation with positive support.  For motivation longevity, this requires regular feedings of healthy support.  Try connecting with others who are positive, who can see your achieving great results. Life can come at you hard sometimes, and the infusion of energy from encouragement can help you stay focused and not give up when everything around you and in you screams the opposite.  Take this opportunity to join OWNetwork!  We’d love to have you.

4.     Know that persistence pays up.  Water hitting a rock will wear it down over time. Keep at your goals, no matter what.  Don’t allow any room for a retreat. Burn the bridges offering any chance of returning back to the land of familiar. Assess your environment and ensure it supports that new direction. For example, if your goal is to not eat potato chips every night, get them out of the house!  Take the potato chips to work and leave them in the employee break area for others to enjoy.

5.     Create weekly benchmarks.  How will you know you’ve reached your goals without a clear plan with signposts along the way?  No one wants to go for a vacation to nowhere.  See your new view so clear, that it’s like you’re already living it. How does it feel to have this new change in your life?  What are you doing different and new?  Relive these feelings throughout the day. This will add turbo fuel to your desire to win!

6.     Make your journey fun.  No one is inspired to do anything that’s perceived as mundane, draining or forced. Find ways to make your new goals exciting, and rewarding; while celebrating achievements along the way.  And don’t stop until you make yourself proud.

This article was written by Angela Hicks, “The Lifestyle Guru” .  Angela is a transformation coach, helping women around the world to clearly define their seemingly impossible goals and create a plan of action to live a life they love.  Click hereto invite her to speak at your organization or for information on private to group coaching sessions.

Do you really pay attention to your thoughtsnegative-self-talk-picture_250_134, you know the way we talk within ourselves?  Applying make-up one morning, I made the mistake of poking myself in the eye with the mascara brush and immediately I asked, “Can you do anything right?!”  Wow! Where did that thought come from?  Even typing it here to you gives me major cause for pause.  So just where does these harsh self-talks originate from?  

Believe it or not, most voices in our head come from childhood critics; people who told us not this, not that, that things were impossible for us, told us we were fat, skinny, too smart, too dumb.  You get the point.  These people are still around us and now live in our mind.  Unknowingly to us, these people, some who were really well-meaning, sowed seeds that with proper action on your part can be unearthed and silenced once and for all.  It’s vitally important to the health and progress of our very soul, that we take action to ensure negative self-talk is no longer reproduced into the Garden of Eden of our mind.  

I believe in taking spiritual showers throughout the day.  Think about it!  We shower, or for some bathe, once or more per day to remove physical dirt from the body, and we can do likewise to detox the filth of poisonous communications we come in contact with throughout the day.  It can be very scary just how negative and critical we are to ourselves.  How can effectively pour love onto those around us if the well within is – dry. There’s a quote that says, “If there’s no enemy on the inside, the enemy on the outside cannot hurt you.” We’ve got to master being more loving and graceful to ourselves first, and the overflow of these sweet waters will automatically pour forth onto others without effort. 

For years I have practiced speaking affirmations in the morning, a way of commanding my mindset towards myself, others and life.  Here are my top 10 power statements that I speak aloud and meditate on.  All you will need is 5 minutes!  Select a quiet space, take four deep breaths in and out, focus on slowing your breathing, then recite.  If you have trouble saying or adopting these as your truths, this may be a sign of underlying subconscious limiting beliefs.  That’s alright, recite them anyway until you break through the lie of the opposite, seeing yourself as what the statement says and attach emotion to it as well; which gives your consciousness more power to receive.  

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