What is Life Coaching?


Life Coaching is a partnership between a Client and and a Coaching professional, grounded in the intended purpose, to improve the Client’s quality of life.  The goal of a Life Coach is never to address the Client’s past, but to focus on where they are now and how to get to the place most desired; which greatly differs from counseling and therapy.  A good Life Coach has fine tuned their ears to really listen (using both an empathetic heart and non-judgmental mind) and respond to the Client, apart from advice or attempts at fixing the client. It’s more designed at empowering Clients towards being their own solutions, because a Life Coach firmly believes in their Client’s own powerful resourcefulness. Life Coaches will utilize systematic approaches and powerful questions to stir the Client’s current thought processes, and challenge the Client towards refreshingly new considerations; which can bring about the end results most desired.


“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”  

Flora Whittemore

Why Life Coaching?

Life Coaching replaces a missing societal link.  In the past, the family structure relied on one another for emotional, financial, and basic human needs — all while under the same household. Within this multiple generation structure was a wealth of wisdom and resources for life building decisions and support.  Today, the family structure has greatly changed away from this model, and with it the connection and tightly united family bond that was necessary for survival. The family and community has now become fragmented, with single parents, neighbor not knowing neighbor and people solely interacting on electronics instead of good ole face-to-face conversation.  Because of this change in our society, the effects are now manifesting malnourished mentors, lack of trusted advisors and relational resources to depend on for a helping hand.  Life Coaches understand that we are not designed to thrive all alone.  We are built to effectively relate and help one another.

A recent article by the Washington Post confirms that Personal Coaching has now stepped into the ‘tribe’ role that was once occupied by the elders, and without the stigma of therapist.  Therapy’s purpose is to address Clients past, while Life Coaching never addresses the past, but focuses in on the Client’s ability to move forward.  The past is the teacher not the preacher.  No matter what has happened, the Client has the power in the present to soar into their highest held ideal — starting right NOW!

The powerful momentum towards the future begins turning as soon as the Client acknowledges a need for help.  No successful person became a success alone.  From Oprah Winfrey to the President of the United States, in order to succeed, you must have trusted advisors…A Life Coach. 

Is Life Coaching for me?

With the busyness of Life, regular Coaching sessions affords Client’s the time and opportunity to remember their most important Dream, goal, vision, reconnect with it, and become more mindful of their current wealth of resources within to make it all a realization.  Without regular Life Coaching, the golden link of deliberate intention goes missing, which enables most to return to defaulted perspectives, beliefs and emotions based on past experiences.  When the past is allowed free reign in the decision making process for future goals, past familiar and predictable results not desired will return.

We make decisions throughout the day, and they can take us toward or away from our desired outcome.  Life Coaching creates a crystal clear vision with an illuminated path to attain it.  Opulent Women’s Network has helped women whose kids are now grown and questioned “What now and who am I now?” to the woman miserable in her career and cannot figure out how to make that change.  Our Clients are either desiring something more out of Life, is uncomfortable with current circumstances, and/or need clarity on what their purpose is.  Life Coaching helps Clients to achieve healthy patterns from a mindset shift to support achieving their most desired outcome.

A Life Coach brings a perspective that can only be seen from a neutral standpoint.  This view provides Clients insight into what is possible, while digging their heels into the wealth of their own resources.  Our Clients find Life Coaching has:

  • Clarified goals and life vision/purpose
  • Experienced greater focus and drive
  • Increased honor of self and others
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Generated momentum and consistency
  • Sustained balanced within themselves with reduced reaction to external stimulus
  • Ability to produce results in key areas of Life (wealth, health, self expression & Love

Our Top-Rated Services

Explore your endless possibilities with a complimentary 30 minute Strategy Session with Angela Hicks, The Lifestyle Guru.   With our three customizable Life Coaching Packages, we have resources to your unique needs.  Contact us for further Package details!
DREAM Package – Great starter package to prepare you to better grasp your goals with increased clarity for immediate action. (One Month)
LIVE Package – Take off with this package, which includes same keys in Dream package, and additionally positions you to reach and sustain growth. (Three Months)
BE Package – This intensive package follows the journey so you can prepare, position and possess your goals for a living legacy. (Six Months)