I remember going to a black tie event and wearing a blouse that had a plunging neckline. I thought to myself, “It’ll be alright, even for my slightly conservative taste.” Yet at the dinner table, I fidgeted with the now greatly annoying blouse the first few hours at the dinner, so uncomfortable with the just how low the neckline was (as we were sitting before senators and other dignitaries).

There was an elderly woman directly across from me at the table, whose eyes I could feel gazing, piercing to my very Soul. I had created all sorts of delusional conversations within of her criticizing me for wearing such a daring ensemble. I instantly felt shame, guilt and deformed even my posture fitting the imaginary chastising.  After gaining a little courage, I finally raised my head to meet her gaze and was shocked to see a warm smile, and she then mouthed to me, “You look great, stop“.  Immediately my hand fell to my lap (probably in glee from working all night), and with this stranger’s approval that all was well, I allowed myself to enjoy the festivities.

I had the absolute luxury to attend this grand affair, and had missed the first hour of it, focusing on imaginary criticisms from others.  And such is life.  We fidget with the luxurious gift of it, trying to wear it according to how others will perceive us.  Some become doctors, lawyers, get married, become parents, pursue titles, degrees and even hairstyles, solely to fit into the world of others.  And in ‘fitting in’, many are distracted and totally missing out on the beauty of authenticity.

I was in my twenties at the date of this grand event, and desperately still tried to fit in with those around me.  Fitting in can be compared to putting on a well-worn dress of many generations who’ve lived before us, and just like that evening, pull and tug at its itchy ill-fitting.  The uncomfortableness of it was really a Blessing, signaling that where I was trying to fit in, to blend…I was meant to stand out!  It was my Soul trying to voice to me my error.  The world had done a good job on teaching me that I was incomplete unto myself and had to eat, sleep go to work like the masses.  I had no idea who I was and what I was capable of achieving. The thought of turning my gaze for approval and validation inward, towards my own Soul’s voice, had not yet been considered.

Your life, my life, are very different.  What is good for one may not be good for the other.  Each of us have a very different purpose with life experiences molding our perceptions.  Many of us have never considered what that purpose is, due to being so distracted into fulfilling the burdensome expectations of society, family, friends, and let’s not forget to mention the low bar grouping of expectations based on race, sex and zip code.  Yes, the world conditions us of what they believe is possible from you and I, but I challenge us to now see this as a starting line. 

It’s my hope that you, yes you, reading my blog post, will consider that your Life purpose was sealed within you before conception. That there’s a mission (if you so choose to accept…pun intended) for you to complete unlike anyone else ever born before or after you can achieve.  It’s a place of no competition and complete peace. It’s fulfilling and never draining.  It’s a life that only can fit YOU.  You are a one of a kind!  Just look at your fingertips proving it.

How do you reach this?

Well, I started by simply following these steps…

  1. Accept the truth that there’s a Power bigger than you, Who created you to be a solution to a problem of today. The Power controls the universe, guides its precision like clockwork movement, and placed you on this blue ball called Earth that spins in a limitless space. No, you are not a happenstance, an oops, or even a planned child of your parents. You are the Divine thought of this Power manifested on Earth.
  2. Meditate and Pray daily.  Start with just five minutes and build yourself up in time.  The time is not important, but the power in just being consciously still.  The mind will wonder in thought, and that’s alright. It’s just doing its job.  Center it right back with an affirmation or visual. Meditation is where you listen, and prayer is when you speak. Click here for a visualization to get your started.
  3. Journal your thoughts and revelations daily.  Writing allows the heart and mind to pour forth in unison instead of opposition.  You’ll discover amazing things about yourself and what really is going on under the matter of things.  I guarantee, clarity will shine from you unlike ever before.
  4. Let uncomfortable be you new normal.  Push your limits by challenging yourself daily.  Join conversations, take a class, resign from that draining obligation you absolutely loathe.  Like a dog at the edge of an invisible fence border, if he really wants to go past the barrier, he’ll push his limits by tolerating the pain to go where he wants.  Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Once the dog can push past this temporary paining, he can roam wherever he wants.  Being at peace with being out our comfort zone, is where we begin to see the powerful stuff we are made of.  

Are you living your life or someone else’s?  Are you living your passion?  If you could accomplish anything within the next 12 months personally, financially or professionally, what would you like to see happen?  What is it costing you to stay where you are?  These are empowering questions to get you started listening to your own heart and Soul. 

For those really serious and want to be free, to honor their authentic self, be more confident, eliminate fear, clarify your Dream, CLICK HERE for a complimentary strategy session.  NOW is your time to SHINE the light of your Life.