I messed up everyone.  Yes, I did.  I allowed myself to make a decision that affected not only myself, but those around me.  It wasn’t anything too deep, but it did give me cause for pause.  I took pen and journal in hand to investigate the crime towards my original goal and where I ended. 

How did I get here?  Just what did I believe was more powerful than my Faith in creating what I wanted?  How was I deceived?

At OWNetwork we believe in the power of asking questions.  Not to others, but to ourselves.  Empowering questions demand a response from our soul. To note on just how powerful a question is to get answers…ask someone what’s their favorite color, and they cannot help but to not only to see the color, but to respond.  Asking is powerful!

I could not understand what happened, but knew somehow there was a HUGGGGE lesson to be learned from the experience.  There’s great value in missing the mark if we allow it to be that.  The only way it cannot be a valuable lesson, is if we perceive the failure to speak towards even trying. Asking will shine the light on if we are secretly sabotaging our own efforts to prove the hidden belief to be correct. 

Whenever we get off course in a Faithful adventure, we have to ask ourselves how we arrived where we are.

“What do I believe is more powerful than my Faith to achieve?  How had I been deceived?”  These are the two questions I pondered as I wrote feverishly in my journal. Immediately my soul responded with a song. Yep, a song folks.  The song was by Alan Parsons called “What Goes Up”.  I started singing the lyrics to it…

What goes up, must come down
What must rise, must fall
And what goes on in your life
Is writing on the wall

If all things must fall
Why build a miracle at all
If all things must pass
Even a miracle won’t last

When I got to the last part of the song I came to a screeching halt. What?!  That’s it! For most of my youth I believed what goes up must come down so why even bother?  This silent deceiving  and sabotaging belief told me that when things are going good, just wait for it, bad was inevitable.  I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. I had bought in on the lulling lyrics of this song as a little girl, chanting it and singing it no less to a lively tune.  Flashes of how adults in my life modeled this fearful belief began to emerge. Hearing adults chime in unison, “It’s always something” began to show me just how deep seated it all was.  Does this belief have any truth about life being merely spinning wheels? Can my fear be validated?

There was a raging war within me with believing I can do all things and why even bother. Both beliefs battle one another with external proofs to reinforce their territory. I believe I’m not alone in this too. 

Truth is,

Life is a real Force whose sole purpose is to expand and express through all it has created, and that includes you.

Scientists research concluded that the universe has no limits, is constantly growing and expanding; in other words the universe is infinite. Look around at nature right here on earth. Animals, plants are all seeking to expand their territories and express life.  You are no different.  We all desire to create a life we love—one that has a growing reach to others and we express life through every talent, gift and ability we allow.  Some of us play music, sing, cook, sew, write, and more. We have within us infinite possibilities to achieve, sustain and grow what we desire to create. The only thing that stands in our way are beliefs to the contrary.

Being aware of the undercurrent belief that drives our behavior, is key to overcoming and winning in life. Here are other keys to help you overcome and actually create a Life you Love.

  1. Investigation through journaling is a priceless way to put your ear to your head, your heart and soul all at once. Journal daily. Set a time where you make yourself a priority. I rise early in the morning while the home is quite and still; while others write in the evening. Whatever works best for you, just commit to a daily practice.
  2. Ask empowering questions. To start, simply ask “Why?” Start there and don’t stress on attempting to be the expert investigator just yet. Believe me, being an expert will come with practice, and if you’re a Mom, it will come much sooner (Moms are natural interrogators).
  3. Cast off what no longer serves where you are going. This is what I did with my sabotaging belief, because once it’s uncovered it can no longer hide. Making a conscious decision to no longer participate in its shiny distracting events will eventually starve it out of existence.
  4. Replace with Truth. There’s an opening in your consciousness to fill, so replace it with positive affirmations. “I have limitless possibilities and potential”, “I can do anything I put my mind to achieve”, “I contend and defy the odds”, “I thrive in life”, “I will succeed”, “I CAN I WILL—Just watch me!”
  5. Investigate regularly. No matter how successful you get, there’s always room to regroup, ask yourself questions, ensure you are in alignment with your goals, learn and grow.

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